General Wellness

Stem Cells in Promoting Health Benefits.

Stem cells are template cells found throughout the body that can grow to become cells with specialized functions. These cells replicate to generate “offspring” cells that can be either stem cells and hence, self-renewing or specialized cells that play a specific role. Stem cells, therefore, have the potential to act as repair systems for replacement of damaged cells. It is well-known now as ‘Regenerative medicine’ as it boosts and makes changes in the human organ.

Cells, tissues and organs can sometimes be permanently damaged or lost by disease, injury or by genetic conditions. Stem cells may be one way of generating new cells that can then be transplanted into the body to replace those that are damaged or lost. Once the implanted stem cells recognize their local microenvironments, they will specialise into the specific cells needed according to the niche. Even in the small amount, but with the endowed self-renewal ability and multipotency, stem cells maintain tissues that undergo rapid turnover, regenerate damaged tissue, and ensure optimal tissue and organ function.

Where do stem cells come from?

When we approach middle age or become injured, our adult bone marrow or fat stem cells no longer boast robust blood circulation, so we borrow stem cells from younger blood. Regenerative medicine specialists isolate Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) from umbilical cords of newly delivered babies.

At Stem Cell Therapy Asia, we only use Mesenchymal Stem Cells from the highly potent Wharton’s Jelly, which is only derived from live birth, umbilical cord tissue. This clear mucous tissue consists of mucopolysaccharides (sugars) that contain multipotent MSCs with very high regenerative potential.

How Do Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) Promote General Wellness?

MSCs may be able to delay the shortening of your telomeres and consequential cell death while stimulating your damaged or aging cells to regenerate themselves. Regenerated cells are less likely to surrender to disease and injury.

MSCs’ ability to transform a variety of cell types – bone, cartilage, muscle, and skin cells – may help our tissues recover from and potentially prevent various aging factors, including sagging skin and bone density.

MSCs combat inflammation by sending commands through cytokines to repair damage and replace missing stem cells. This increases blood circulation and growth factors in the inflamed area.

Role of MSCs in General Wellness:

  1. Helps to improve and nourish adult stem cells and their micronutrients
  2. Helps to activate your own adult stem cells naturally
  3. Supports a robust immune system
  4. Encourages faster repair and recovery of surgical procedure
  5. Speed up the healing process for injuries or wounds
  6. Increase functionality, range of motion, flexibility, and sleep quality
  7. Reduce the risk of future injuries and muscle compensations
  8. Potent anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties and the potential to treat inflammatory, immune-mediated, and ischemic conditions

How Stem Cells Differ from Other Cells?

Compared to other types of cells found in the human body, stem cells have a few unique characteristics, including:
  • Stem cells can be removed from one part of the body and replaced in another part that is damaged. Once the stem cells have been placed back into the body, they transform into the exact type of cell needed to treat the damaged area.
  • Stem cells can easily divide into multiple cells that can then transform into other types of cells with specialized functions.
  • Stem cells contain natural growth factors that can help accelerate the natural healing process and lower pain without the need for medications.
  • Stem cells reproduce quickly and can continue dividing, providing a range of benefits within a short period of time.