Dr Jeyanthi Veluppillay

Dr. Jeyanthi Veluppillay is a medical professional with a passion for aesthetic medicine and dermatology. For over 20 years, with her extensive knowledge and experience, Dr. Jey has provided safe, high quality and innovative treatments to her patients.

In 1997, Dr. Jey graduated with an MBBS degree from MAHE University Manipal, India. Upon completion, she served the government for 6 years, before venturing into aesthetic medicine in 2004. She then became one of the founding members of Malaysian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (MSAM) in 2006, serving on the board till 2020 with her last post as the Vice President of the MSAM.

In 2008, eager to expand her expertise, she pursued further education and obtained a Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) in Singapore. Understanding the significance of dermatology in this field, she then completed a Graduate Certificate in Dermatology from the Association of Professional Aestheticians of Malaysia (AFPM). This additional accreditation equips her with specialised skills and a deeper foundation in skin conditions, enabling her to offer a wider range of aesthetic as well as dermatological treatments to address each patient’s specific needs. Simultaneously in 2008, Dr. Jey also founded and established her own clinical practice, Clinic Ideal Care, providing aesthetic, dermatology, and general wellness treatments.

In 2013, Dr. Jey was one of the first practitioners in Malaysia to obtain a Letter of Credentialing and Privileging (LCP) in Aesthetic Medical Practice. This further demonstrates her commitment to this field, and serves as a testament to her adherence to the highest standards of practice in aesthetic medicine. Furthermore, Dr. Jey consistently attends additional courses and conferences in Europe and Asia, ensuring that she is updated on the new techniques and latest advancements used in this vast field.

Dr. Jey’s professional journey has enabled her to apply a holistic approach to patient care. She combines her medical knowledge with her aesthetic and dermatological expertise providing personalised treatment plans that cater to the unique requirements of each patient. Dr. Jey then went on to receive the Distinguished Service Award by the MSAM in 2017 for her excellent service.

In recent years, Dr. Jey has incorporated stem cell therapy, utilising regenerative medicine to address various health and aesthetic concerns. She has recently received a Continuous Professional Development Certification in Stem Cell Medicine from the International Institute of Wellness & Aesthetic Medicine in Kuala Lumpur. Her comprehensive knowledge of stem cell therapy allows her to provide cutting-edge treatments, optimizing the body’s natural healing abilities to promote rejuvenation and vitality. Combining stem cell therapy with her proficiency in aesthetic and dermatological medicine, Dr. Jey’s patients benefit from her meticulous attention to detail, compassionate demeanour and her commitment to help them achieve their desired medical outcomes.