Dr. Chua Kok Seng

Dr. Chua is an esteemed medical professional and a dedicated practitioner in the field of stem cell therapy. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Chua has been providing innovative and effective treatments to patients seeking the benefits of regenerative medicine. Alongside his expertise in stem cell therapy, he is a Consultant Anaesthetist, ensuring the utmost care and safety for his patients during procedures.

Dr. Chua’s educational background showcases his commitment to continuous learning and professional development. He obtained his Masters of Medicine (Anaesthesia) from the prestigious University of Malaya. He further honed his skills by completing a Fellowship in Anaesthesia at the University of Wales, Cardiff, UK. This attachment allowed him to gain invaluable knowledge and experience from renowned experts in the field.

Dr. Chua’s extensive affiliations demonstrate his active involvement and dedication to his profession. He is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons Malaysian Medical Association (Ireland), the General Medical Council of Great Britain, the Malaysian Society of Anaesthetists, and the College of Surgeons.

With his diverse expertise and comprehensive understanding of medical procedures, Dr. Chua offers a holistic approach to patient care. His incorporation of stem cell therapy into his practice allows him to provide cutting-edge treatments that harness the body’s natural healing capabilities. Dr. Chua’s compassionate nature and commitment to improving his patients’ quality of life have made him a respected and sought-after practitioner in the field of stem cell therapy.